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Currently Playing:  The "Loose & Fast" Overnight!
Forget to Remember Mudvayne from the album:
Lost and Found
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        • Rise AgainstTip the ScalesSiren Song of the Counter-Culture
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        • MegadethSweating BulletsCountdown to Extinction
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        • ChevelleTake Out the GunmanLa G├írgola
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        • Three Days GraceHomeThree Days Grace
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        New to Our Library

        • DevilDriverWinter Kills (2013)

          On Devildriver's sixth release, Winter Kills, the band certainly didn't skimp on the riffage, the idling-dragster tempos or the sheer sonic drive that makes them one of heavy music's respected outfits. Singer Dez Farara will readily acknowledge the basic

        • Stone Temple PilotsCore (1992)

          Though lambasted in some quarters as cynical clones of the then-vaunted "Seattle sound" (in particular, Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam) STP's 1993 debut nonetheless found a considerable following for its potent crunch and sly hooks. While some tracks do s

        • SlipknotThe Negative One - Single (2014)

        • Stone Temple PilotsPurple (1994)

          Having scored a massive hit with their debut album, Core, Stone Temple Pilots returned to the same sludge-filled well for Purple, only to come up with an album that's harder, more concise, and filled with thunderous, punishing riffs. Headbangers will rejo

        • Godsmack1000hp (2014)

          The heart of Boston beats within its streets. Those roads set the scene for timeless Academy Award-winning stories including The Departed and The Fighter as well as for triumphant, tear-filled championship victories by The Red Sox, The Bruins, and The Cel

        • Foo FightersIn Your Honor (2005)

          It’s likely that a decade after its debut record this band now has fans who might ask, "You mean Dave Grohl was in a band before the Foo Fighters?" But they, or any Foo followers who pine for the increasingly refined vocals and polished pop-punk unif

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        Forget to Remember Mudvayne

        Rated 5 stars by 86 listeners.

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        Forget to Remember Mudvayne

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